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A community for parents with kids who are neuro-diverse, have learning disabilities, or behavioural issues

You've landed in the right place if you're feeling:


There's so much information to sort through and you don't know how to find what will work for your family.


You feel heavy responsibility and that if you can just figure out what your child needs, you can fix this.


You may feel like you want to give up and that you can't do anything right, but you know giving up isn't an option.

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We know how challenging a neuro-diverse diagnosis can be. In one tiny moment, your entire world is changed forever. Your love doesn't shift, but the vision of what you thought having a family would look like changes overnight.

It takes time to process the diagnosis and undo the conditioning that taught us what family is "supposed" to look like.

UNDONE is for parents who seek a safe community to share your experiences, understand how to process your feelings, and learn how to create a structure that works for your family.

A Look Inside the 8 Week Program

This isn't another program that just tells you to take care of your well-being. It's a thoughtfully designed community to support the wellness of your whole family, including you.


We'll take a look at OPO "other people's opinions", and learn how they impact your decision-making and mental health. You'll learn valuable tools to leave other people's opinions with them (including well-meaning family members).

Undoing Conditioning

By identifying your subconscious programming from your family and our culture we can dismantle beliefs around what family "should" look like, and begin to re-create a vision for your unique and beautiful family.

Routines & Discipline

With so much information floating around to support you it can be hard to find what works for you and your child. Since each situation is different and unique, it's important to find tools that help you maintain balance and connect to your child's needs.

Self Inquiry

This is one of the most beneficial tools to support your mental health. Self-inquiry can reconnect you to your own inner knowing and help you to identify your 'Cycle of Overwhelm'. From here, you can choose a new way to approach communication.


You're not alone. There is a community here waiting to support you in your journey of parenting a child with high needs. Having parents and leaders who are experiencing similar environments offering empathy and space for you to share is invaluable.

Support Structure

Consistency is very important when it comes to supporting your child. UNDONE will help you create a consistent routine that works for your family. What works for one family, may not work for another. This is not one size fits all. 

The UNDONE Co-Creators & Facilitators


Write up about Deanna.


Write up about Christine

Who is UNDONE For?

The UNDONE community is for parents of children with a neuro-diverse diagnosis. Generally speaking, this includes ADD, ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities, and behavioural challenges.

What is the Commitment?

The official program runs for 8 weeks and is done over Zoom. There is a light structure to the program, with lots of room for individualized support. It's best to have child care during the calls so that the time can be set aside for you. Outside of the program, there is a Facebook group to stay connected with community members. You're welcome to join the program as many times as it serves you and your family.

How Do I Register?

Space is limited to 8 couples/individuals for each 8 week program. Register by filling out the form below and submitting payment to secure your space.

What is the Cost?

The 8-week program is $199 + gst for one person or one couple. Payment is due upon registration.




Just have questions about the program? Email us:

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